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Core Activities

From Dance to Martial Arts, we've got you and your child covered for ALL SPECIALITY CLASSES

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts isn't just about the kicks, moves, or take downs, it's about building strength and developing character through trials and determination. Character development and respect are major character traits our skilled Martial Artists look for in our students.

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Counting, rhythm, movement, style, and so much more. Dance is a way of expressing a students character without using words. It's a style particular to each individual and teaches them to truly expresses their character.

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Other Classes

In addition to Martial Arts and Dance we also offer other classes! Yoga, drama, tumbling, and SO MUCH MORE! Want to see all the classes we offer? Scroll down to see what else there is here at Ultimate Youth Sports!!

Additional AMAZING Classes!

In addition to our core classes, we also offer YOGA, THEATRE, DRAMA, AND TUMBLING!

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Relaxation, mental clarification, and physical strength are all key factors during our YOGA classes offered during our YOGA classes.

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Is your child DRAMATIC? Let their true drama flow during our drama classes hosted during our Drama classes!

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Performance, skits, acting, and so much more. Let your child explore the aspects of BEING ON STAGE during our theatre classes!

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Flips, turns, cart wheels, and so much more. Find out how talented your child is during our tumbling classes!