The Leadership Resume

The Leadership Resume

What memories will your child take into adolescence and adulthood? For a lot of us coaches, our fondest memories were training martial arts with our friends. We made our bodies strong by through exercise and our minds strong by pushing ourselves to the limits (sometimes even  times finding new limits)! Your child is doing the same thing now. They are pushing themselves at school each and every day and if given an after-school activity, will continue to push themselves when school is done. An after-school program is an important part of your child’s development and a great way to get them involved in martial arts. What will your child have to show for the hours they have after school each day? Future black belts get to use this time to build a leadership resume by taking on age-appropriate leadership tasks. As working adults, we have developed a resume of talents and abilities over time. The stronger that resume, the more opportunities come our way. How many college-aged people do you know that leave for school with little to nothing on their resume? At Ultimate Youth Sports, our future black belts are constantly building their resume as leaders. Through both scholarship and community service, future black belts build a catalogue of achievements from a young age. These achievements go a long way in distinguishing them from their peers. Our future black belts then use that distinction to get into the schools they want, to get the scholarships they want, and ultimately choose their route to success in life.


For future black belts, every moment spent on the mat is going towards building their leadership resume. Being a future black belt is about more than just punches, kicks and throws: it’s about becoming a leader and preparing for a lifetime of success! As a child studying martial arts, future black belts get to take on leadership roles that are age-appropriate for them. They get to practice leadership at a ten-year-old’s level. They get to do things like teach martial arts to underprivileged children. They get to collect food for and serve the hungry. Not only do these experiences help build character, but all these achievements go on their ten-year-old resume. The child probably isn’t going to take their ten-year-old resume to their first college interview (or even have it formally written down). However, this resume builds up over time with more and more extracurricular activities and leadership positions. By starting the practice of taking on leadership roles as a martial arts student, the future black belt will have earned a long list of achievements by the time they need that first, real resume. When it comes time to apply for internships and college scholarships, they will be prepared. By that time, the student will not have the resume of a ten-year-old child, but a resume that has been developed for over ten years! A future black belt, by the time they are ready for college, can very easily have over a decade of leadership credentials! Many of these future leaders get started through the after-school program.


It is important for every child to have an after-school activity. The developing mind does not stop at 2:30! Instead of sitting at home on the computer, these future black belts get to practice martial arts, conduct STEM activities, and even learn things like dance, yoga, and meditation! After-school time doesn’t have to be a waiting-game for your child, it can be value-added time! It can be time when they get to expand their horizons beyond the lessons taught in school. It can be a time when they learn and grow in a positive environment. While it may only seem like a few hours each day between school letting out and family time in the evening, that time truly adds up. Three hours each day becomes fifteen hours per week which becomes three hundred hours per month! Think of what you could do with an extra three hundred hours of productive time each month. Think of what your child will learn during that time each month at Ultimate Youth Sports on their way to becoming a junior black belt! They will have the opportunity to do more than train martial arts. They will get the opportunity to join a Community of Champions, build a resume full of leadership credentials, and keep their body healthy through daily exercise!


You must have a strong body to have a strong mind. Eating well and exercising is important to everyone, but it is especially important to a developing child. Exercise can be as simple as running, biking, or swimming. Whatever it takes to get out there and do it! Sometimes exercise can seem like a bore. Luckily, martial arts is fun! Martial arts is great exercise, and can be practised throughout a child’s lifetime! Many of our parents have seen this and started taking martial arts classes as well! Martial arts sets a child up for a lifetime of health and happiness. By establishing a pattern of healthy activity in their youth, a future black belt greatly decreases the chances that they deal with health issues like obesity later in life. This is a simple way that the after-school program adds value to the time between school and home each day.


Being part of the after-school program at Ultimate Youth Sports is a great way for a young person to get started in martial arts. They get daily opportunities for things like exercise and leadership activities. They get to keep their bodies healthy through karate class, dance and yoga while keeping their minds healthy through STEM activities and meditation. Ultimately, a future black belt gets to use the countless hours between school and family time to develop a resume of leadership that will be a huge advantage when they are ready to go off to college. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional martial arts instructors to talk about the after-school program. Help your child stay fit and develop a strong resume of leadership activity! Help them start down the path of the black belt and set your child up for a lifetime of success!

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